Deleted the Gambler 500 Ranger post. I guess I need adults to occasionally break me out of my bubble tell me when I’ve gone too far. It seems a lot of you at bare minimum think I have a problem and the number of people has been increasing with every post.

Alright, I’m finally hearing you loud and clear. I’m not going to fight you and just admit my problem. To prevent myself from becoming old Ron, I’ll do a purge. If you recall, collecting stuff has been a longtime thing with me. At first it was iPods, then iPhones, then bras (I had 55 of those at some point), then Android phones (remember how I used to buy a new one every couple months?), then computers, and now motorcycles. If I was able to stop collecting phones, I can stop with bikes. Find a financially harmless thing to collect like most people do.

I’m not getting rid of any smarts. Despite my motorcycle obsession, smarts are still my dream cars. They basically cost me nothing (I mean, one was literally free). The garage queens just need periodic maintenance and Tucker’s repairs remain cheap. But I will say I won’t get another. Part of the reason I did the Elite as a Gambler in the first place was because of Tucker’s ABS problem and Laura’s alternator nightmare. When these cars break, they like to break hard. Yeah, we’ll put the world’s largest smart collection dream on an indefinite hold...


So, that means I’m cutting into the bike collection. Anything I haven’t at least taken around the block in the past month or have no use for is getting sold. Strangely that is just the three scooters. The Elite is already going to a new home, the Ruckus clone is still being held hostage by a Gambler 500 friend (I keep disappointing buyers), and the CF Moto is my next target.

These three will be gone and not replaced and that is a promise. Why now? I feel really shitty and stupid...and I probably should for being irresponsible.

I’m not counting the minibike I’m getting as a partial trade on the Elite towards my vehicle count. It’s a toy, not anything that’ll need licensing, insurance, or real maintenance.


That leaves us with the CF Moto and the Ruck clone. Provided I can get the Ruck clone from my connection (it’s been over 6 months of trying :/ to no luck), I’ll sell it to an Oppo for $200. The CF Moto (which still runs) for $100. Otherwise, off to Facebook the CF Moto goes. The guy holding my Ruck should have probably told me that he spends months at a time away from home. *sigh*

Is this a good start to correcting my shit, then? Should I need to sell even more, I guess the next thing to sell would be the U7E. ETA: I do remember my collecting coming up in a therapy session. Therapist asked me how much did it negatively impact my life. At the time I was collecting computers and the answer was an honest no. Motorcycles are a bit more dangerous considering their associated costs. So I shouldn’t have eight of them.

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