Just like your... ABORT THIS JOKE!
I currently own 6 cars (don’t judge). Only one of which is driveable.

My previous daily driver, a Peugeot 505 2.5 GTD has been engineless for 6 months, I haven’t driven it for about 8 months due to high oil consumption. An engine rebuild is on schedule, but the schedule keeps slipping.

The Peugeot 505 V6 has a healthy engine, but it has rust issues. This isn’t a huge problem. The real problem is a collapsed front suspension, which in itself could be a quick fix if the car didn’t have ABS. See, the ABS version had specific suspensions, which are not available anymore. The best solution is to get rid of the ABS, especially since the ABS rings are so worn that the sensors won’t ever be able to get a clear signal. But getting rid of the ABS means changing the whole system and the pedals, from what I’ve heard, so it’s not an easy task. Moving on.

The 4 door Bel Air is currently on the lift, as it has been sitting for about 2 months now. The rebuilt engine is neatly placed near it under a blanket, so it doesn’t get dusty while I prepare the engine compartment and the front suspensions.

The Mégane is ready to be registered, I drove it the whole last week while doing the necessary paperwork for the import on a temporary German plate. The only roadblock is French administration, which requires you to make an appointment to register a car.
I made an appointment last Sunday on their online platform, thinking I’d take the last day of the week, so I have all the week to get the necessary papers, the available slots were Thursday or Friday anyway. So I got there on Friday morning. For about 5 minutes, the clerk looks for my appointment, only to discover that my appointment was the week after. They have a freaking wait of 2 weeks! The thing is, the appointments are for 5 minutes, which is a bit more than the time they need for the registration, and nobody came in that time despite the schedule being full. So had she done her freaking job instead of looking for my name, I would have my car registered by now! Gotta love Administration. And it is planned to get worse in the upcoming months. Yeah.


While parked near a wall last week, I noticed that the Pajero made a suspicious sound when I released the clutch in neutral. I asked my father to listen to it yesterday morning, and he confirmed what I thought: worn bearings, transmission rebuilt needed. And keeping driving would make the rebuild unnecessary/impossible. He lend me his Peugeot Partner to get to work. The thing is, my parents need their car too.

That leaves me with one driveable car, and that’s a 57 year old american land yacht. Could be worse, but come on!