Im a John Deere Mower Man

My old red Troy Bilt mower is getting worn out and makes cutting grass a chore. So time for a new one and a much better riding mower. Also a dump cart for all the gardening and stuff I need to do.

(notice grass is not cut, I forgot to buy gas :P)

Love how I sit high on the mower, easy steering and smooth hydromatic transmission. The E130 has the rear fenders and front push bar that I just had to have :D  Plus I think it’s the biggest engine you can have on a 42 inch deck.


22HP V-twin!

Skeptical about John Deeres Easy Oil Change, you only change the filter and only the oil that is in the filter. New filter has fresh oil and it’s only a partial oil change. Have read that there is a bypass kit you can put that has the old tried and true oil filter and oil drain.


Cup holder and a deep storage area with a lid! Phone fits perfect in it.


Dump cart is heavy duty plastic and steel with axle bushing that you can grease. Also can dump a load (lol) on any side.

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