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I'm a pretty awesome monkee, and strangers are awesome too

last night I went and played poker with pals (i lost money, but gained fun), and being the awesome human I am I drove a friend home. but he lives in an old curvy neighbourhood, you know, where the streets are bendy and they have nice old trees. Whatever the reason, his simple instructions to get out had me completely bamboozled, resulting in me coming out on the completely wrong street. And that’s where I bumped into Joe. Poor Joe, he was a man walking with a gas can, we’ve all been there. So at 1am I offered this rando a ride, and miraculously he accepted! Took him for gas, took him to his car (holy cow, he had walked FAR).

Ok, so I’m awesome, agreed. But what really matters here is that Joe was the cunning sort of fellow who had an old school gas can!

We jibber jabbered about his job selling vacuum cleaners door to door, and how I had just met a man that night who had started a company pressure washing home trash cans, and such. We of course also discussed the fun of running out of gas, that everyone has had, which lead to bonding over the annoyance of new gas can designs.


YT on the new v. old cans, if you care

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