I'm a sponsored racer!!!

The large child is testing the roof strength of the RallyMetro, while the small child looks on dubiously, questioning the validity of the test.

I officially have a sponsor to run the Gambler 500-Illinois next month. OK, technically I’m a sponsored competitor, because the Gambler is a road rally and not a race, but close enough!

Even more amazing, is I got permission from my wife to run the event! That permission is going to cost me dearly, BUT IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!


I’ll be running a Stateline Rallycross livery (stickers). We need to get car count up, and what better place could there be than from a bunch of loons who think driving 500 hard random miles in $500 cars sounds like a good time?

My buddy Steve is going to run it with me. This will be hilarious, because I weigh north of 350 pounds, and Steve is 6'-7" tall. We’re going to stuff both of us, a cooler, a generator, a tent, sleeping bags, and a tool box all into the 58hp clowncar that is the RallyMetro. That should be quite a sight!

Any bets on whether or not we’ll make it? How about our 0-60 time? Will we be able to hit 60 mph at all? Tune in the first week of October to find out!

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