My current favorite Audi is the least Audi of all the Audis.

It’s an A3, since it and the new A4 are practically the same car visually.

Yes it’s a Golf in an entry-level luxury rental suit but look at it. It manages to look classy and modern without looking like... well, like the Lexus IS (which don’t get me wrong, I like.)

It appears it no longer gets the 1.8T as the base engine, but rather the 1.4T? Unless that’s just the European model and they’ll shoehorn the 1.8T in for us. Either way it still gets the 2.0 TFSI which gets a fancy-shmancy 7-speed dual clutch box like the A4.


Speaking of Europe they get a nifty (and thrifty) 1.0 TFSI 3-Cylinder version with 115hp. And Matrix LED headlights I’m sure won’t be allowed on our shores because it’s still 1986 if you ask the NHTSA and their headlight regulations.


On another note: the more you type Audi, the stranger it looks.