I'm a terrible opponaut

I have totally neglected to tell you all that I got a dog. Meet Matcha:

She’s a little over a year old. We’ve been told she’s the runt of a Lab/Mastiff litter. I have my doubts: at her age she’s somewhere between 40-50 pounds and it doesn’t look like she’ll grow a whole lot more.


She likes to lay down with her legs behind her in what I call the ‘pancake’ position. Here is an especially awkward ‘mega pankcake’ in which she also turned herhead. Normally she lays straight

She looooves car rides. I haven’t taken her for that many myself but my fiancee has and she’ll chill in the backseat of her Sonata. She sometimes comes up and just lays in the passenger footwell


She and the cat get along fine. We aren’t quite at the cuddle stage, but they’ll share close quarters with little issue


Here’s a bonus picture of my cat

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