I'm about done with Netflix

I don’t watch TV, and have no desire to do so. I guess that translates over to watching TV series online (and movies). When Netfilx increased their rate yet again a month or two ago (yet again, what ever happened to $6/mo?) I was considering cancelling, then sort of forgot. I thought this evening I’d like to watch a movie and relax while I have dinner (which is about the only time I watch stuff, usually via Youtube), but having gone through probably their entire catalog, nothing stood out to me.

I rarely use Amazon prime video (other than The Grand Tour when it’s “in season”), is it any better in terms of having anything worth watching?

I’m very close to cancelling Netflix and signing up for motor trend “on demand” which is cheaper and the sort of thing I’d like to watch; most of my youtube time is on that channel.

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