The 50th birthday of the Toyota 2000GT is next year, 2017. I’m a big admirer of the car, so I thought I’d give it an early birthday present. I’m going to create a modern version of in in 3D.

This isn’t going to be easy. In order to do this, I have to study the shape of it. I have to decide which design cues can stay and which can change. I have to copy the proportions exactly.

On top of that, I have to visually make it stay true to what it was in the late-60's. It was a GT car, but not like any other from the time. Back then, Toyota was still known for making sewing machines and some cars, one of which used in a military scenario. Then all of a sudden, they come out with the 200GT, a beautiful grand touring car fit for James Bond. No wonder they fetch millions of dollars today.

The goal here is as the goal was then; from a visual standpoint, this new 2000GT has to make the same impact on Toyota right now as the old one did to Toyota then.

You might be asking me why I’m doing this. I’ll answer that. Fun. I don’t make any money on my 3D designs. I do what I do for fun, and I enjoy doing it. Plus, I get a good reason to recreate my favorite classic car

Wish me luck.


Oh, and about the name. I thought I’d keep with Toyota’s established concept car nomenclature (FT = Future Toyota), and I’m going to call it the FT50; Future Toyota, 50 years.