And here's a funny picture for the people that don't want to click through and read about my life.

But my jaw started hurting yesterday and it was strange, it kinda just was stiff and hurt a bit to close it all the way on one side, but I just kinda kept ignoring it. And now halfway through the day today I started to get a sore throat and I feel like I have a serious head cold, although there is no coughing and I can breathe through my nose fine. I'm starting to think it's wisdom teeth related(I haven't gotten mine out and I'm 22) and I'm really not wanting to have to deal with that right now, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I was just trying to knock out some homework and realized I was actually having trouble focusing because of it, although the jaw discomfort has subsided in the last few hours. Long story short, BAHH! I don't have time for this shit right now, just started yet another job, and have school all the time, and moved almost 2 hours away from home and any sense of being able to drop what I'm doing to go do all that. Oh yeah, and I freaking hate dentists. Maybe I'll hold out until after tomorrow and see if the rest still just feels like a cold or if I still think it might be those annoying fuckers. Anyone want to share their experience with wisdom teeth being bitches? I know better than to go on WebMD so I'm just gonna ask Oppo, that's better right?