Yes, it’s terrible news for Americans. Planned parenthood will desappear, minimum wage will go down the drain, millions of people will end up with no healthcare at all, terrorism and anti-americanism should rise and so on. But what about for us, non-americans?

Unless you live in a country that could get potentially destroyed by this guy, it’s not a “bad deal”. “Foreign companies” will source their raw materials and industries elsewhere, since they will refuse paying shit load of taxes when selling their imported goods in the US, the US$ should fall quite a bit due to the general uncertainty of the market, buying US made products should be cheaper to buy and own (important if you like killing machines aka mustangs!), the massive amount of scandals that will come up over the years will keep us entertained and the general power that the US has over the world should be greatly reduced thanks to the general lack of respect, all heads of states have for an inept guy like him.

With a bit of luck, OPEC muslims countries will get pissed off at the general anti-muslim racism that will occur everywhere in the states and will greatly reduce the amount of oil they sell to the US, reducing the price of oil elsewhere in the world in order to keep on selling what they produce and get rid of their stock in spite of some sort of boycott.

Really guys... If you’re not americans and don’t see american soldiers patrolling around where you live, it’s really not a bad thing at all. If you’re american and live in the US. I’m really sorry :(