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I'm afraid that Ford's going to do something stupid with the F-150 name

[Nitemare intensifies]
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Not saying that they will. But I wouldn’t put it past them...

You’ve seen automakers playing name games before. Chevy couldn’t figure out what kind of car a Lumina is supposed to be. Mitsubishi has all but abandoned the Eclipse’s heritage. And Chrysler changes their company name more often than some people change their socks...


Two months ago, Ford threatened to turn the next Mach 1 into a crossover SUV and has yet to put our minds at ease over such blasphemy.

Now, a recent report from Morgan Stanley had this to say about Ford and the F-150 brand:

We estimate the F150 franchise to be worth 135% of the market cap of Ford.

Now this certainly isn’t an indication that Ford’s actually going to do something weird with the F-150 name (are we not using the broader term “F-series” anymore?). No one’s saying that “F-150” will start being applied to non-trucks. Nor is it a sign that F-150 will become its own spinoff brand a la Ram.

But it gives me an uneasy feeling, you know? Like Ford’s going to take advantage of this in some ridiculous way, disregarding a well-established brand identity of what defines the F-150, and bastardizing the name to help sell other Ford cars or something like that.


Who knows.

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