I'm an adult. You might be.

As an adult I like to think I have certain rights. For example, the right to choose not to wear a seat belt. You might think this is completely stupid. It might be. But if stupid was illegal we'd have to make most of the world criminals.

Now I'm not advocating that you should not wear a seatbelt. I think they are great things. Race car drivers wear them, so that makes them cool. Sometimes I wear a helmet when I'm driving my car around town, being extra safe. I usually get funny looks.

My point with the seat belt thing is that people are being made to pay fines for something so arbitrary as wearing a seat belt? You're only hurting yourself.


Now I think recognizing that it's most safe to wear a seat belt, we could make it a law that children under 18 (since that's when they are an adult legally) have to wear a seat belt.


But overall I'm sick and tired of laws for every little thing. Next will there be a law on how much pop I can drink? Oh wait, someone did actually try that. Jackbass.

Whatever happened to us trying to educate the populace on "best practices" without making everyone a criminal simply because they should have free choice?


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