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I'm alive! Also, look for me on tv at Nascar this weekend!

...Somehow, I’m home and it only took me 10 more minutes than the normal 50-min commute.

To be honest, the sketchiest part of the 1-hour drive home was just leaving work as there was about 3-4 inches of standing water just a few hundred feet from our parking lot. I slowly crept through it in 2nd gear at idle and the belts squealed for 1-2 seconds and then stayed quiet all the way home. The rest of the drive home was just white-knuckle interstate and highway driving. I didn’t blast my tunes like I normally do, instead devoting all my concentration on either avoiding standing water in ruts or coasting through it to prevent a loss of car control.


I actually lucked-out on I-95, going straight into the eye of the storm, when a semi-truck with a 53' trailer passed me. You might notice that those beasts love to displace water...and leave behind a trail where their tires rolled through and the water level is low. I basically stayed about 500 feet behind one for the most part, letting it part the water on the road so that my Miata wouldn’t hydroplane.

The local highways are absolute shit right now. This rain clearly showed the deep ruts in the road as a result of our piss-poor road maintenance programs (thanks, low taxes). That was probably the most white-knuckle part as there were several points where the Miata hit unavoidable standing water. I’m glad I left work 5 o’clock sharp, had I left any time later, I would’ve been stranded one curve of the highway to home was on the verge of being overtaken by standing water.

I’m going to enjoy my time at Darlington this weekend. Look for a guy wearing a blue Shelby Performance Parts shirt Saturday and a red Gamecock SCCA shirt Sunday near the white building at the start of turn 3 in the infield.


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