but achieved a lot in my week of family free (the kids were at summer camp, wife volunteering at camp barnabus, shes just better people than I am) nights in the garage.

achieved: oil change, diff oil, trans oil (STINKY!), fuel filter, new stock intake (replacing a dryer tube the PO though was an upgrade), spark plugs and wires, new LED lighting in trunk, cleaned out trunk and replaced oil spilled trunk carpet, short shifter installed (and uninstalled, didnt love it), radio wiring cleaned up and rerun to trunk for new install of amp/subs/speakers/headunit, soldered clock to repair, dyed rear seats back to black from horrible light purple,fixed glovebox stops so it hangs open rather than dumping its contents everytime it is opened, located shonky wire and repaired on cigarette lighter that was making it intermittent, brake pads and rotors, fix and adjust handbrake, umm... theres more, theres a spreadsheet.

failed: tinting my headlights a desired light blue. first try was too dark, second try the new clear crazed (contaminted surface in my rush to redo). so one blue, one clear, both crazed is how they sit for now

new items added to the to do: found the steering rack was leaking and needs servicing.


to do: ermm... theres like 300 items on a spreadsheet. but the important maintenancing bits that bring peace of mind are done