I'm almost done filling the void in my life UPDATE

And no, not with Jesus or a girlfriend.


As you can tell it’s not in all the way, because I have to remove the stupid black trim around the console. But anyways.

Only one speaker works. I wired up three, but I only got a continuity reading from one. Based on the wiring diagram I found on line it was suppose to be the front driver side speaker, but it’s actually the passenger’s, oh well.

The wiring’s more fucked than I originally thought. The radio fuse was blown so I swapped it with one of the rear power windows. There was another problem I had to fix with the wiring, but I don’t even remember what it was.

Update: So I removed the trim piece to fully insert the radio and I decided before putting it back together I’d test it again and..... The speaker’s not getting power anymore. Did I mention I fucking hate this car?


It’s getting dark so I’m done for the day. I’ll double check my wiring for the speakers tomorrow. I thought I did a better job on those than the one’s for the power and such, but maybe not. If I check tomorrow and I have continuity across my crimps than I guess it’s the speakers. If not I’ll have to redo the connections. If so I’m using blade connectors. I had to redo the switch power and I used blade connectors and they’re sooooo much easier. Idk why people even recommend butt connectors.

Anyway. I had it working at one point so I think I earned my daily beer ration.

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