I'm always thinking about what used car I'll buy next

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As I know most of you do as well. HOWEVER. there is one new car, and only one new car, that I would purchase. I’m not quite at a point where it makes sense (as much sense as buying new ever does) but... I’m getting closer.


I want an M2. 6 spd manual, that gorgeous shade of blue. Hell, I even love the grey. It’s got tons of interior space (comparatively) and is a fantastic place to be. I’ve never driven one, but the engine note from outside the vehicle is heavenly. I want an M2.

I don’t like modern day BMW. But... I still want an M2. I’m gunning for regional operations management position in 6-12 months, and if that happens... Well. I’ll probably buy a cheap NSX. Or a nice 100 series Land Cruiser. Maybe get an rx7. V70r. Maybe just throw some cash at my Miata and finally go play with the big boys a la engine swap.


But maybe, juuuust maybe. I’ll find a 6spd manual M2, in blue. At this point I’m not sure if getting a test drive would be a great idea, or a terrible idea.

Who here has any experience with ze M2? 

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