Finally got to try the newly re-freshed free snowblower in the snow.

Got to the end of the driveway aaaaaannnnd it quit. Hmm. Played with the hand-made choke linkage, checked the throttle, all the new fuel lines.... everything seemed fine. Fired it back up and...... it started runnin’ funny.



Got the sidewalk done, got back to the driveway, and the thing was running like poop but running, and throwing snow.

Parked it when I was done, got the family in the CX-5 and went on some errands (side note, JESUS FUCK PEOPLE, turn on your HEADLIGHTS).

Got home and took the shroud off the carb that had mostly shaken itself loose to discover... the shroud wasn’t really loose. THE CARB WAS.


Back when I installed the $15 Chinese carb I think I hand tightened the mounting screws in preparation for installing everything else, planning to torque them down when done. I think I forgot. One screw was completely gone, the other was backed out so far the carb could be moved back 1/4 inch from the intake pipe and rotated down 1/2 inch. FACK.

Well now I know why it was running like garbage, lul. Put it back together with some spare hardware, and bolted the shroud back on a little better, lest it vibrate loose again. We were supposed to get another 3 inches of snow but only got a dusting, so its parked until it snows again.


We’ll see what breaks then...

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