We’re moving forward with the 2016 GTI I posted about yesterday so I submitted the paperwork on our TDI to the VW claims site. In this process, I made two mistakes

Mistake 1: Being too technical. Rather than going through the process for my wife in her name, I did the proper thing and said I submitted it as I was officially filing it on behalf of her. This meant nothing until today when I learned we needed to submit a POA form to go along with it.

Mistake 2: Being a dumbass. I had my wife sign the form, then I foolishly uploaded it to the site before I signed it. Should I review the documents before clicking submit? No, the file names are all correct, you’re not an idiot. WRONG! So I clicked submit and off everything went.

I realized this mistake shortly afterward and then attempted to fix the mistake. Nope, not possible. So started a chat to see if they could help. Nope, it has to go to review and then get rejected, then I can try again. Aaaannd that review takes... 2-3 weeks. I called VW as well and got a glimmer of hope that they could reset it, but then they determined, no they could not reset it and I have to wait and resubmit.

So we’re buying the GTI on Saturday and will have the TDI for an extra 10-20 days beyond the already probably 6ish weeks thanks to me being an idiot.