or maybe i was drunk, probably that... but first, I saw one of these on the highway this morning. It was beautiful. huge and beautiful I want one.

last night for some reason a breaker was tripping. i had my compressor plugged in to an exterior outlet, which is lumped together with the first floor bath. For some reason, the compressor was tripping the circuit, even though it was not running. This morning we woke up with no heat. I couldn’t get the damn furnace to fire up. I had to get to the office so i was talking with the wife about different possibilities, new batteries, check connections. Then I had a thought, - i had been at the circuit panel so i asked the wife to go snap a picture of the pane. Sure enough, while trying to figure out the bathroom issue, I turned off random circuits, one of which was the furnace. She flips the switch and its on. I was 1 step away from calling a tech in.