I cannot find where the tranny fluid goes, or where the transmission fluid dipstick goes, on my new Infiniti. Here's basically what the engine bay looks like on the car.

The oil reservoir and dipstick are clear as day, but as far as the transmission fluid areas? I'm lost. I looked over the car last night (though, at 11pm, with heavy wind and blowing snow, it was kind of hard to focus, even with an LED light), and I couldn't find it. I looked in the owner's manual, and the little diagram shows where it is, but not in relation to the rest of the engine, as it's just a view of that area itself. I can tell that it's in between some hoses, but that really doesn't help me much, and there's no full engine diagram that I can find, even in the owner's manual. It was a quart low on oil, and I just wanted to check the transmission fluid as well, even though it shifts perfectly fine. It doesn't say anything about removing the engine cover to get to it, so I doubt I have to. I'm just confused. Never had a problem locating it on any other car. (Except on my final-gen 1998 Cutlass, where it was sealed off, and had to be checked/changed by a dealer, which was ridiculous). So, any help would be appreciated. I would imagine it would be the same location as an equivalent-generation Maxima with the 3.0 V6, if that helps.