There is no Miata content in this blog. This is a blog about me being offered a great job and bargaining with my current employer. Here’s a Miata picture first though because I can’t help myself.

Some of you guys know what I do for work, and if you don’t, I use these things... encourage people to pay their outstanding parking tickets. It’s been a fine job, I’ve done it for two years, it doesn’t bring me any joy but it puts food on the table and keeps the lights on. I basically run the operation in the city, and because the company I work for is based in NJ I’m pretty much my own boss.


But I don’t make enough money for the life I’m trying to have with my wife and son, so I’ve been looking around.

I was offered a job today that’ll pay me significantly more money (50% more) in a shorter time (8 months seasonal), and allows me to either collect unemployment or get another seasonal job to make even more money. I feel good about that, I feel like junk because they want me to start Monday and I’d be leaving my current company a bit putout.


So I called my boss, with whom I have a good relationship, and told him what’s going on. I actually called him Tuesday to tell him this might be happening, since they really can’t afford to fire me I felt okay about doing that. He asked what it’ll take to keep me, I basically said more money, and he’s going to talk to HR and his boss about it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a spot where I’ve had leverage against a company I work for...I’ve got an offer for more money, and I’m ready to take it if they can’t do something for me. That said, I kinda hope they do something for me because I’m comfortable at my current job, it’s easy for me, and the hours are consistent.


He said he’ll get back to me tomorrow if they can do anything, and if not to go over the checklist of shit I need to remember not to take with me. Either way, the weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my drive there and back, knowing no matter what happens I’m going to start making more money very soon.