I’ve previously posted about my internet issues. In a nutshell:


My desktop PC and ONLY my desktop PC has crap internet. Before you start responding saying I should reinstall my drivers or run an ethernet cable, please reconsider because I will have to reach through this screen and choke you if you do. I’m computer savvy enough to have ruled those out at the very beginning, and my wifi connection to the router is rock solid (see above image).

I’ve pretty much ruled out any hardware or software issues on my end. I’ve swapped out wifi cards, done a fresh Windows install, and even tried Linux to no avail.

Some Oppos in my last post recommended using the tracert command, and it revealed that some gateway many hops upstream from me is eating my packets. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. That server for some reason does not like this specific PC. Every other device on my network can pass packets through it with no loss.

So, any ideas before I toss this PC off a cliff and build a new one?

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