...not that anyone noticed my absence, but I'm back anyway.

I was on vacation in southern Europe and visited Italy, Greece and Malta. And HOLY SHIT, what happened while I was gone!

DeMuro bought a Hummer, RCR started a Patreon, Königsegg launched a not-hybrid-hybrid, JEZZA WAS SUSPENDED... What the hell, guys?

What else did I miss? What did Oppo do while I was gone?

Have some pictures I took during my trip as a Souvenir for you guys:

Peugeot Police car bombing my picture:


For the first time ever, this Suzuki looked huge:

Nice license plate, damn what a cool car. The Golf GTI and the FoST might be faster, but damn... this car looks cool:


The bastard son of a godless era:

Austin Cooper S and a Z3, surprisingly common cars in Rhodes: