Hi ya’ll

After living for... well about 2 year without a vehicle, I’m finally back in the market for a vehicle. Instead of a brand new FoST, or a CPO-ed Wrangler, I’m looking for something classically boring, yet reliable. Living with the girlfriend in Queens has re-opened my options for having a car, with a few caveats.

  • ~$2000 spend (give or take $500)
  • Automatic
  • Keeps the insurance company happy

Auto, because she hates driving in NYC enough as-is, and it’s a joint purchase. And cheap, because well... It’ll be a beater


Ideas for practical, preferably AWD vehicles that fit these criteria (trucks are OK!) is welcome.

Side note- anyone have experience with Saturn Vue Redlines? Her dad works at a used dealership and thinks he can get me one that was just traded in (with 140k) for cheeeeeap. Looked at it yesterday and it seemed fine, maybe a squeaky belt but that’s it.

Saturn for your time.


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