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I'm back, baby!

August was a fucking whirlwind. I was home for 6 days of the entire month. LA -> SEA -> Tokyo -> Guam ->Saipan ->Tokyo->SEA-> Honolulu->SEA->Wildfires. Took last week off to recouperate but that turned into a, “Oh honey, since you have time now...”. Good news is, lots of stuff taken care of around the house that I had been meaning to do.

Anyway, I’m now back on the car hunt and need info on a particular vehicle.


Opponauts, tell me of the IS300. There are only a handful near me that are clean title (WTF are there so many rebuilt/salvage stock IS300s!?). I test drove one that was overpriced (more so than the normal over KBB that they all seem to be). I loved the 2JZ and the car overall. The 2001’s are 14 years old, but the 2JZ seems VERY reliable with routine maintenance. Timing belt services (belt, tensioner, water pump, etc) seem to run close to $1K at the local shops (verified when I looked at an SC300 recently and saw the receipt), I’m sure I can knock that out with friends and beer fairly easily.

The one linked is about 30 minutes from work. I’m planning on going to take a look at it, but I’d like to know what everyone thinks?

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