Hey guys been gone for a bit now... But I’m back now.
The black 99 si coupe civic went to Zipppyart, I’m working on getting rid of a massive credit card bill and fines and bad past financial decisions!
I got another 99 si coupe civic (with lots of juicy mods that will be going to Zipppyart since he paid for more than half the car) that I am now parting out but which honourably served as a ghetto-ass but baller daily driver and then I finally (after a long time of not knowing whether I would be able to get it or not) bought the 2000 Honda Civic DX hatchback that my buddy Jaydon offered me for a measly sum of $350! All it needed was the clutch line bled and it’s back to working great, not even a slave cylinder as my initial diagnosis suggested.

As for the Peugeot part of this post... remember that N/A pushrod 505 build? Scrap that altogether because we are upping this game... Stay tuned for my next post. 505 Turbo here we come buddy.

And as of yesterday I am now the owner of a 1998 Audi A4 2.8 V6 30V Quattro Tiptronic with a lot of fun issues to attend to! $300 and a lot of hustling later I was driving an Audi with a flip up deck that barely works, a driver’s side rear wheel bearing that smoked for half an hour after I parked, brakes that are almost dusted completely, valve covers that leak so much it makes it misfire, and a slipping transmission. At least the interior is in very good condition and there’s no actual rust that I could see at least on the body itself!