Wheelchair repairs are usually a pain, but this thing has been whipping my butt more than the usual. What you are looking at is the stem bolt of the front mono fork assembly from a TiLite ZR Series 2 manual chair.

The stem bolt is factory welded into the titanium frame. On to that is bolted the fork assembly with two bearing cassettes inside the housing. Well, the thing was freezing up and trying to veer me off into walls with each push, so I took it apart to change the shot bearing cassettes. They were oozing, gooey messes; I waited way too long to do this. The upper cassette wouldn’t come off. It had to tear apart the cassette to get to the inner race so I can remove it, and it still won’t budge. It’s fused to the stem bolt.

I’ve tried getting some WD-40 in there to loosen it, but nothing doing. At this point, I am thinking of picking up some lock pliers so I can really put some arm strength into it. After that, I don’t know.