I'm becoming even more of a grouchy bastard

But first, a 600 Pullman:

If I were a rich grouchy bastard, I would be chauffeured in one of these.

I’ve long been a crotchety old man at heart but lately it’s getting worse. Work consumes every last scrap of patience I have, between certain coworkers, the way the company is run, and most of all dealing with some of the clients and the grueling boredom/tedium of what I do 95% of the time.


This means that by the time I get home, realistically-minor things like the rx7's oil pressure gauge burning out (or the new rear brakes not fitting) or setbacks in planning/prepping for my trip to CA in May send me flying off the handle. Fortunately I live alone so at least nobody else has to deal with it.

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