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I'm beyond pissed

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and entertaining some commentary. Pretty much there have been 4 major hotels built in my town in the past 10 years, a few of those have been in the past 2 years, and the most recent one obviously didn't spend a night in the city before they built it right next to all the rowdy bars. I am not one for the crazy nightlife, but it is part of my town. Now they are not talking to business owners about it, they brought it right to the city, who awarded them some years of tax breaks to build in the first place. The city council seems to think the city is Disney World and we are the charming little characters that walk the streets for tourist's amusement. In a friends words "I want to see a political cartoon in the paper with a Lobsterman, a Bartender and a Tug Captain sitting at a table drinking beer saying something like "I don't know man, the old port just feels different somehow." In the next frame it pans out to show that the three are sitting behind a window on fore st. with a crowd of tourists taking pictures through the glass and (councilman) Ed Suslovic as the tour guide." Ed also just commented to the paper the other day - "sees the problem as temporary, with clubs being replaced in the long term by establishments that attract an older, more sophisticated crowd, driven by the neighborhood's rising real estate values."


Also brought up is these are being built in historic districts where you need a permit to change the color of the paint on your windows, but these guys can raze a whole fucking block and put up whatever they want. Not to mention our cars are fucked because with all the tax breaks flying out the window, there is no money to fix the roads (except for in front and around the hotels, of course)


Am I being protectionist, or does this seem like a valid point? Friends of mine own these bars that are affected, and we still go there. Maybe not till 1am, but don't fuck with the flavor of my town. That is why it is a tourist attraction.

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