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I'm boooooooooored so here is an update

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Photo: Dog A takes all his own selfies

I’m bored and I can’t post a longer post I wrote out over the last couple days until some final parts come in so..... Here is a fleet update?


Jag got stashed in the garage light night pending some hail today, which thankfully didn’t materialize. It goes in for tint tomorrow, and then I’m hoping to tear into the EGR Saturday. It got a new windshield on Monday and looks fresssssssh. Also got a new cat last week and no more P0420 code or exhaust leak! Score!


Saab got rolled into the way back and I might have lightly rolled over the fuel pump rubber donut thingy. It seems... fine... if a little oddly angled. That donut thing is complete unobtanium so it’d better be fine or I’m effed. Three of the four gromits I need to put the gas tank back in arrived today, but reinstallation is probably going to have to wait a few weeks while I deal with work and Jag things.

Volvo is fine. Just needs a new windshield.

Alfa is still in timeout.

Discovery is DD right now. I’d like to take it to the PDR place next week, but not sure that is in the budget right now... if so far as I have a budget. Might get it quoted and go from there. I also have a new steering dampener I just need to man up and install, but if it doesn’t solve my front end vibration problems things are going to get weird quick.


Bicycle is in the shop for a couple days getting its wheels trued.

George’s Renegade just got back from the PDR place and look gooood. They did a good job.


George’s Cabby is at the AC place getting the everything replace for an eye watering sum of cash... but the Cabby deserves it, right?

Doggos are both good. They got in their first little fight since 2017, but made it through OK. Ordinarily little dog spats are OK, but in 2017 the got into it bad enough both had to go to the dog hospital so... I come down on them pretty hard for any unfriendly actions.


What is Oppo up to?  Big weekend plans?  New wrenching projects?

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