Here’s me doing a front wheel drive burnout on a picture of my ex, because I’m 18 and very mature. It also looks kinda cool and I figured that this gif would make up for my sub-par writing.

I am worthy of your questions, and here’s why:

1. I am horrendously bored and bed ridden and quite literally have nothing else to do.

2. I own and drive cars and have opinions on lots of things.

3. I dislike new Top Gear, but continue to watch it just for Chris Harris. This shows that I am dependable and loyal, even if that means I have to sit through 40 minutes of Chris Evans being loud and unfunny.


4. I can probably add more things once you ask me some questions.

So if you bored and/or bedridden, feel free to ask questions, and if you just clicked to see what the GIF was, you too can appease me and ask questions cause why the hell not?