I'm bored this evening Oppo....

...so I have spent my last hour browsing around Goonet at classic JDM metal, especially classic Kei cars! If I’m saving for a FIAT 126, I can’t afford one of these, but it’s fun to dream!

These two caught my eye:
Daihatsu Fellow Max coupe!

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Love the color on this one, and the front fascia styling, especially with those factory selective yellow fog lights! 360cc of fun with 33 or so horsepower coming from it’s front-mounted two-stroke for around $3500 Canadian plus shipping! :P

This second one is a Suzuki Fronte, but not the awesome Stingray Coupe that every JDM fan knows and loves.....nope, this is one of the more homely Fronte coupes. I honestly don’t know a lot about these! It’s got some very odd proportions, especially around the rear, but it’s kinda awesome in a so-ugly-it’s-endearing way! :)

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Another 360cc car, but rear-engined! 2-stroke as well!

What have you spent your evening doing so far Oppo?

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