Having to assert my intentions through coordinated tappings on glass surfaces is exhausting! Everything emits light even when they’re off because nothing is ever truly off anymore. There is always a humming. But my biggest pet peeve is that everything has a clock because it’s the best filler design you can toss on a screen.

What is even more concerning is the fact that I KNOW touchscreen interfaces haven’t come close to their zenith in integration. I talking to the point where a hotel remote controller with buttons will confuse your teens in 2040. I do consider myself to be extremely tolerant, flexible, and openminded. What I’m not, however, is accepting or adaptable. Technology is the thing that tests these traits the most for me.

There is a cold stress people are subjecting themselves to all for the promise that their burdens will be eased. I just feel like they open themselves up for additional burdens instead rather than more time to relax.

Don’t you feel worn out right now? Not like you can’t continue or even take on more. I mean more...do you feel as if you aren’t as “effective” at any task as you could be or once were? As if you can’t charge up to 100%, you can get up to 82% and overboost to 96% when absolutely needed, but performing at 100% (let alone giving 110%) just isn’t in your capacity anymore?


I’ll stop here because I want your own opinions and experiences rather than your assessment of what my opinions and experiences have been. I’m listening...