I'm buying a tundra!

So I found an 06 tundra, 230k miles, v6, listed at $4750. Took it in for a PPI, and it showed a misfire on 3 cylinders. The mechanic said it’s the best looking frame on that era Tundra he’s seen. So we were going to take in to our mechanic to try and diagnose the misfire, and negotiate a price. We also have the option of just 4 grand and the mystery box. Then I tackle spark plugs, coil packs, and see if I can make the misfire go away for less than that $750 and come out a little ahead, plus I learn how to start working on this truck. Or that could backfire and there’s a serious issue, but these engines are supposed to be bullet proof, and it’s been passing state emisions and safety inspection every two years.



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