My coworker has been obsessing over getting the perfect used Grand Cherokee for about 6 months now. He has seen countless examples, done dozens of test drives and almost bought at least three different ones during his search.

He basically wanted this:

I had asked if he considered other vehicles, like an Explorer, etc. He basically had wanted something "not soccer mom-ish" and could tow his trailer for the occasional landscaping job.

He bought this (GIS though) last week:


Nice car, of course, but not what I had expected. Smaller for sure. Didn't know it could tow anything. Will save him on gas. Better deal than the Jeep. Feels like "a rocketship."

But I can't help but feel he may sold out. I need to figure out how this change of heart happened...

Still, like I said, not a bad car by any stretch of the imagination but just the opposite of what I expected from him.


(It's not soccer mom-ish, which is a dumb assessment of a car, right?)