After learning to drive a manual transmission on the $500 Saturn and listing it for sale, I finally got an interested party in my ad. I was immediately excited that someone was interested, then overcome with sadness that I’d no longer have a manual car to drive around in. Herein lies my problem.

I have a 2015 Honda Accord coupe with the CVT that I purchased just over a year ago and after calling the dealership where I bought it and the finance company, if I were to sell it, I’d owe $2000 on the loan. I guess my objective would be to try and get into a manual transmission car without spending any more that what I’m currently paying (about $375 a month, ~$22k left on the loan). I could see myself driving another Accord or a Civic Si with a manual.

I don’t want to start over on a new car loan, I don’t want spend a boatload of money on the interest a used car loan and at the same time I don’t want something super old that’ll be unreliable. I’m just feeling kind of stuck ATM (yes, I should have bought the Saturn and learned to drive stick before buying a year a go, but this is my situation).

Any insight would help, thanks! What would you do Oppo?