Ecoboost Mustang vs. Turbo Camaro

Let’s look at some numbers

Ecoboost Mustang:

  • Curb Weight: 3,532 lbs
  • Power: 310 HP
  • Lbs/HP = 11.39. I prefer this metric, each horse has to carry 11.39 pounds. The lower the number the better
  • 0-60: Seems to depend who you ask. With a manual Car and Driver saw 5.5, while Motortrend saw 5.6
  • 1/4 Mile: 14.4 @ 97 mph (Motortrend), 13.9 @ 104 C&D (huh?)

Maybe motortrend used regular gas? The numbers are quite different. Anyways, that’s not my confusion. I’m confused at how the Camaro (theoretically) compares.


Turbo Camaro. Keep in mind no one has reviewed it yet, so these are published numbers

  • Curb Weight (with manual): 3319 lbs. (! DAMN !)
  • Power: 275 hp
  • Lbs/Hp = 12.1. Slightly worse than the Mustang. Should be slower, right?
  • 0-60 (as told by Chevy): 5.4
  • 1/4 mile (as told by Chevy): 14.0 @ 100 mph

The Camaro is down on the mustang in power, but just as fast or faster. Could it be gearing, or will the Camaro likely underperform in real world conditions?


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