My last experience with a Fiesta was, well, awful. The DCT in those things are just horrifying. However, this wouldn't have a DCT. The reviews are awesome and the year end deals are possibly very attractive. So, to the owners of the FiST's out there, do I attempt it?

Possible concerns:

1) The Recaro's look positively uncomfortable. I'm 5-8 and damn near 200 pounds. I'd like to hear from folks who both have Recaro's and don't. I'm not going to autocross it. It will be rarely near its limits. Do I need them in that case?

2) Fuel mileage, what say you, Oppo?

3) Reliability. I would be buying a Ford again (and again, it wasn't a pleasant experience the last time). I work for a Chevy dealer (and love Chevrolet's) so that's a possible issue.

Thoughts? Have I lost my damn mind?

The one I am looking at: I'm not crazy about the red.