I'm considering an epic project

I’m researching converting my Skoda Pickup (previously 4muddyfeet’s) to RWD.

I want to use an E46 base because they’re easy to get, drive well and have a ton of performance parts. The plan would be to reuse both E46 subframes and the engine/ drivetrain. Somewhat in the style of this civic RWD project. http://www.build-threads.com/tag/nulon-civic-s15/


Width is plenty close enough to work, propshaft will need to be shortened due to shorter wheelbase though. Extensive bracing and fabrication to mount the subframes would be needed. Not much Skoda would really be left other than appearance.

The whole point of this is to improve my skills and do something unique. I can do very basic welding and metalworking (patches for rust repair and such) but I want to take it to another level. This would certainly be that...

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