...rather than my wife's. She has a 2013 Mazda CX-5 and I have a 2008 Mazda3 S Touring. We will be going to the Cape Canaveral area in the spring. At that point, my car will have around 72,000 miles and hers will have around 23,000. I know, my car is way older, less efficient, and less comfortable (exhaust drone and lowering springs) than the newer, bone stock SkyActiv efficient blah blah blah CX-5. But my car is more fun and I'm obviously more used to the way it drives (since I've owned it for five years). And I will be doing most of the driving. Plus, as the miles creep up, I'm going to want to contemplate upgrading to something a bit newer in the relatively near future (Mazda6, to be precise). So this would almost be like a fun way to bond with the car before I eventually let it go someday.

That, and this car has been nothing short of rock solid reliable for all the years and miles that I have owned it. Of course, with my luck, it'd explode somewhere in rural Georgia and ruin our entire vacation.

CX-5 it is.