I'm currently on an "extended" test drive. Please advise.

Hey Oppo,

I've been in the market for a new(tome) car. I've been rowing my own gears in a 2005 Eclipse GS for 8 years, and I'm ready for something else.

I went to a dealership that is known for their "no haggle" pricing, which means the price I see is the price I pay. I'm totally okay with that. The experience was actually nice. I have the car for a 48hr test drive, and I'm on hour 27. I return it tomorrow, and they're hoping I buy it.


Car Details:

2011 Honda Accord SE (auto Tranny 4cyl)

56k miles

$15,600, OTD with taxes is somewhere around 16,9 I think.

This is a certified used honda as well, and will come with a warranty, and I believe it is still under the 7yr 100k factory warranty. It has a 12mo everything warranty.

Car fax says this car has had two owners, and it shows that it was taken to the dealer for all of it's services, and that the recommended services were preformed. I've driven this car, and I am so far pleased with it. I was actually able to take coworkers out for lunch. The feature set is more than I'm used to.

Is there anyone out there with experience in this vehicle that has any input on the deal?


This will be my only car I've ever purchased since my first car (the eclipse). I no longer want to row my own gears, as I've just grown to hate it in my long commute. I get more pleasure out of riding my motorcycle for fun, so not looking for a canyon carver.

I've shopped around, looked at some Hyundais and Mazdas. But I couldn't find one I liked. Any input would be appreciated.

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