My wife just got home from a work trip and asked me if we had any plans this weekend. I said yes, I was going to go to the Houston Auto Show on Saturday (and invite H-Town Oppos/Jalops to join me). She told me that I couldn’t go and had to go with her to this event instead (answer is worth the jump):


So, apparently, my wife has secretly scheduled a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for us to attend the BARRETT-GOD DAMNED-JACKSON AUTO AUCTION HELL YEAH AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I’ll be drooling all over some of the coolest cars in the HISTORY OF MANKIND (being sold at price points well out of our reach) AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

She was actually worried for a second that I would be upset that I couldn’t attend Houston’s pitiful excuse of an automotive event. Compared to NAIAS, it’s like walking around looking at rust buckets at Sammy’s Used Car Emporium and Hair Care Center.

My wife rocks and your SO doesn’t.