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I'm doing a Roadkill Marathon today

...because I’ve realized that Freiburger and Finnegan are my spirit animals now that Top Gear is no more. I watched the C4 Corvette-kart-thing, and the Hellcats/Viper test, and finally the Lowrider off-roading; I must see all of their content. Their experiences make me feel so much better about my friends’ escapades when wrenching and road tripping. Also, the two guys are just having so much fun. Problems arise like clockwork, and they just laugh it off, every time. And Freiburger’s dog puked on him in the Ranchero (correction: the El Camino)—hilarious.

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Cool guys, even if their answer to everything is “Let’s get a V8 and do burnouts,” where I say, “Give me a high-revving four-cylinder and a light chassis.” Between this and Mighty Car Mods, I’m not going to be wanting for car stuff to watch.

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