Big motorcycle road trip, camping most nights, mostly solo. #advmonster indeed. Fun will be had. Much exhaustion there will be. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

Hopefully the link works but basically: Portland>Coeur d’Alene>Spire Rock campground>Bear Gulch campground>Minnesota>Sage Creek campground>South Rim campground>Grand Canyon...???>???

The two main goals here are go home to catch up with family and friends, and visit the Grand Canyon. Does anyone have recommendations on campgrounds at the Grand Canyon? Maybe a spot on the rim where I can catch a sunrise?


Furthermore, any recommendations on where I should go the next couple of nights? There are a ton of amazing national parks and recreation areas out here. But I have a ‘murica da bootiful pass that I bought just for this trip. Zion? Red Rocks? Tahoe? Joshua Tree? Something better? Looking to do 400-500 miles per day. Less is fine but really don’t want to do more. I’m also open to modifying what I’ve already laid out.

Also, these road choices are even less set in stone than each day’s destination, this is all just a general idea. I don’t need or want a totally concrete, minute by minute schedule. It’s about the journey, not about making good time. I’m using all of my paid time off for this year on this trip, and planning it around a holiday and a comp day for even more time, so there’s no rush here.


This journey starts in just over two weeks. Not sure how much I’ll be on here during that time, but I will be updating my Instagram for sure @this_account_is_mt and using #advmonster for most of those posts.