The brakes are squealing on my ’05 Grand Cherokee. I know the rears are fine, because the dealer where I bought the Jeep last year replaced the rear rotors, pads, and parking brakes. So it’s time for new front pads and rotors!

Just like when I ended up getting a totally boring normal muffler welded in place of the old one, I’m going to do some totally boring brake stuff.


When I first started looking at fixing up the Jeep’s front brakes, I was all “I only will use EBC pads, and I want stainless brake lines, because stopping is important!”

Well, turns out the only stainless brake lines available for an ’05 Grand Cherokee are just for the front brakes, not the rears, which seems like only half a solution to me. Plus since I wouldn’t replace the lines myself, that’s a fair amount of labor cost to put them on.

So...I gave up on the stainless lines idea, because it’s a 10 year-old Jeep that I’m just trying to keep nicely maintained and not go overboard with throwing money at it.


Instead, I’m going to order some cheap ‘n cheerful Power Stop Z36 Truck & Tow brake pads (the big yellow X in EXTREME makes them stop better) and cheap generic replacement rotors, take them to a shop that will install customer-supplied parts, and be done with it. Total parts price: $119.98 shipped from RockAuto.


Fun fact: I live 3 miles away from RockAuto, but they don’t let you pick up local orders at their warehouse. So I have to pay $22.41 to ship some pads and rotors a total of 3 miles, because brake rotors are heavy.


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