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Now this POS’ clutch is starting to slip. Seriously?? I go to leave my work parking lot and I’m in second gear at 1700 rpm or so and the revs climb noticably faster than vehicle speed...


It’s a daily with 24K miles I’ve never taken to the track, clutch dumped, beat on, etc. Do I have fun while driving, sure, but this is insane. Now I get to “manage” it for another 24K miles because a clutch is a “wear item” for the warranty. I’ve driven sticks exclusively for going on 15 years and my Saabaru had 120K miles (all me) on it and the clutch was fine.

What’s worse is I gave into all the stupid press and didn’t trust myself after the test drive. The thing has ZERO charisma, soul, charm, whatever you want to call it. I never want to keep driving it and I can’t wait to get out. It has enough power for you to think it could be quick, but wait, it isn’t. It grips enough to think it’d be fun but it’s just sadly clinical. Then FWD... oh god don’t get me started, I swore I’d never go back so I guess I deserve this. The stick is horrible too, it’s a chore to row and just... well just bad in so many ways. I guess I was spoiled by two great transmissions (my E92's and my Integra GSR’s), but the Saabaru’s was faaarrr from amazing.


I’m too early for lease pull ahead, which sucks because lease residuals will tank by the time I’m close next July. I don’t really want to lease again because of situations like this where I’m just stuck anyways but it’s likely the one way to get out of it early as there’s not really a new car I want to buy at the moment. I was thinking a 2016 CPO B8.5 S4 for my next daily next year but I need to make sure it’s not as clinically boring as this damn GTI. The F30 is garbage, the Japanese don’t make them like they used to... so not really sure where else to go unless I decide I’ll take an automatic... ive got some time to think about it I suppose. I could throw away $3K and get out now but I’m not an idiot and there’s no way in hell im taking negative equity into my next car or getting rid of it now, the GTI I guess isn’t THAT bad.

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