I'm done with Denver and moving to the West Coast (just not immediately)

I bet you thought that long-winded whining from yesterday is just more typical loser farcical talk. And as much as I've tried to avoid making OppoLock my personal blog...ah hell, other people are doing it too so why not me?


Yes I know it's silly to get the hell out of town just because of one sports event, even if it's literally the biggest sporting event on the whole flippin' planet. Really, it's at best (or worst) the final straw and I've been thinking (or at least dreaming) of moving somewhere where I think I'll be happier for a good while now anyway. I'm just going to take yesterday's game as a sign that maybe it's time to consider being serious about it.

Just a rundown of my thought process:

- Really, I'm not fond of the weather. Yes, Colorado gets hot and cold during the winter. It's not so bad when it's warm but the cold really isn't for me and I'm not too thrilled about the short days during the winter regardless. Some place where I can ride my bike (both the pedal and motorized kind) 12 months out of the year doesn't seem so bad to me.


- I'm not a physically active person so the mountains really mean nothing to me. Yeah I know that's another big failing of mine.

- There's a bunch of career-related stuff behind it too. To put it one way, the raw statistics simply bear out that the State of Colorado and Denver in particular isn't the best state for my chosen profession right now. And really, I've been thinking of a career change anyway. Not that I'm going to run out to Hollywood and try to become a star (really, I'm simply too old for that) but it would be nice to have a career in the entertainment industry, or even in journalism (I know that industry is mostly associated with New York but I've been told L.A. is a major epicenter for the written word in general). Either way I think this is going to be the year where I found out whether I'm serious about a career change or not.


- Honestly, maybe I've just been here for too long. I've lived in one place my whole life and I find the (honestly, lack of) cosmopolitan atmosphere and social culture to be extremely lacking. L.A. might be going overboard in the other direction but I can't help be curious.

Well, maybe not L.A. - hopefully in the Pleasanton-Oxnard area but I know a huge, traffic-congested megapolis like L.A. will just fucking crush me. But, I don't know. Maybe this is all big talk and I'll just be stuck here anyway.


Maybe I'll make a separate, off-Kinja blog about it (or at least under the "NotInDetroid [and soon not in Denver]" personal Kinja blog), though I couldn't be bothered to care if I were in your shoes. Maybe I'll post regular status updates about it, maybe not. And maybe this is just a bunch of big talk after all.

Either way, give my regards to the West Coast.

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