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I'm Done With Girls (Rant)

I know this is off topic, and I know I don't post that much, but I have a rant.
Given the fact it is September, and I'm in high school, Homecoming is soon approaching.

I was talking about how I wasn't going to go because going single sucks, the girl who I was thinking about asking came up to me and asked me to the dance. I obviously said yes, and all was great, I felt great, like I finally overcame the 'nerd' image I've struggled to get rid of.


The an hour after school, I get a text,

"Hi, M-Powwerr (obviously she didn't call me that), I was not serious in English BTW"

EDIT-She was apparently joking with her friend, neither of them were going anyway, because the classroom was loud I didn't hear the rest of it..Now I feel kind of bad for ranting. But I still don't think that's a very

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