Everyone is already planning spring break trips at my school and I just finished planning Christmas, so I figured why not be redundant and plan the summer, (because I can't afford to go to the World Cup with my dad). Which is seven months away...

So Oppo and Jalopnik, I present two ideas both of which are open to discussion and debate. One of which will be executed this year.

The Great Road Trip (Cheap)
I read Hardigree's, I think, trip in the R8 and thought it would be a blast if we could get fifteen or so Jalops and their cars and do a nice ten day blast around New York, Boston and DC. That, and I finally get my license this year, so I just want to drive. Very open to suggestions, any dates in June and early August.

Le Mans (Expensive, but amazing)
Ten or so Jalops head to Europe, meet with some British Jalops and head down to Sarthe. Altogether maybe a seven day trip, two days in travel, a day in London and the rest in France.